70 Best AB Machines for Sale for Home Workouts

If you want to upgrade you work out game, just get these ab machine already. It helps with burning calories, getting muscle and 6 packs and more. Using an ab machine will make it easier to get to your dream body. These ab machines for sale are really worth the purchase with it comes to getting a better looking body. These ab machines are convince and easy to use in any occasion.

There are several different kinds of ab machines available for purchase. Each one allows you to do different types of exercises. What types are there and how do they work? Here are the main styles you’ll find:

Just how it sounds, these machines are essentially a small wheel or roller with handles on either side. You’ll use the roller to do exercises similar to pushups, using the roller to engage your core. These machines are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles. Use the roller on your knees and work towards that washboard stomach!

Do targeted plank exercises with these machines designed to give you an unstable platform on which to place your elbows or hands. As an alternative for the same purpose, you can also use a Bosu ball, which is a halved exercise ball attached to a rigid platform.

These products allow you to easily slide your feet all around to perform a range of exercises that will strengthen your core. Use them on just about any type of floor for great results.

Crunch and Sit Up Machines
Looking for some support while doing your crunches and sit ups? These machines provide a metal framework that supports your neck and back while doing this exercise. It can help motivate you to make it through your daily exercises and ensure that you perform the exercise correctly.

Workout and weight lifting benches also come with supports that can help you perform sit ups and crunches. In addition, you can use them to perform more challenging versions of plank exercises.

Ab Roller — Ab rollers consist of a small wheel that rotates on the floor as you push it out in front of your body. This movement gives an outstanding stretch and contraction to your entire core, but particularly your abdominals.

Ab Belt — Ab belts use electronic stimulation to allow you to work your abs without your active involvement. When they first came out, their manufacturers made a lot of over the top claims about their effectiveness. This has led people to view these machines as nothing more than quackery. However, there are some good ones out there.

Ab Glider — Ab gliders involve movement along a pre-set track that moves the abs either up and down or to the sides, or a combination of both. Some machines allow for movement through a 180-degree range of motion.
Other Machines — Some machines, such as the Ab Rocket Twister, allow you to get a targeted ab workout while your lower back is in a prone position. Other machines use a handle and foot stirrups by which you are able to push down on the handle to compress your abdominal muscles.

Most of these abdominal exercise equipment options allow you to target different areas of your muscles. This means you’ll get a complete ab workout that will transform the look of your stomach.


Rotate your way to get a sleek and attractive six-pack with Ab Circle. The first Ab machine is indeed a compact selection. Ab circle pro abs and core fitness machine is an excellent selection for those who find sit-ups and crunches painful.

The machine is made with gym-quality steel, which makes sure that it lasts for long. Without letting you be on the ground, it targets our entire core from one side to another side.

It offers three resistance levels, which makes it appropriate for both beginners and experts. The machine is adjustable with different body height, and you can comfortably place your knee on the knee pad.

Moreover, the machine comes with an extended, foam-padded handle. It assures you can comfortably get the stability while exercising. The device is so capable that doing 3 minutes workout on this machine is equivalent to almost 100 sit-ups.

The Ab circle pro comes with a sleek design that is easy to fold and store. The machine is similar to the treadmill but more efficient than the treadmill. The price is also reasonable.

2.Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is also quite different to the other Ab workout machines that we have listed. This is one of the more expensive items on our list since it costs over $70. The machine provides a very quick workout which is quite easy to perform. The quality of the machine is quite sturdy as it is made of a very high quality steel. The machine uses a pivot on which you can keep your body so that you can get a good ab workout. The machine is quite effective in targeting all of the ab muscle regions, including the oblique muscles. Apart from this, there are also three different resistance levels which you can gradually increase to get an even more effective workout. Storage of the machine is quite easy as it comes in a foldable design which lets you store the machine under your bed or some other convenient place when you are done.

Friction-free track lets you pivot your body to work ab muscles
Challenges your upper, middle, and lower ABS and oblique’s
Three resistance levels; folds up for easy storage under a bed


The final Ab Coaster abs machine in the list is an excellent workout option. It helps you target those hard-to-reach lower abs. The machine is equipped with all-steel construction along with 2″ stainless steel rail.

Its ultra-glide nylon roller assures a smooth and noise-free rolling. The device comes with a freestyle swivel seat which performs the bottom-up motion. You can comfortably put your knee on the Urethane molded foam seat.

The seat and the durable construction allow the user weight up to 400lbs. Indeed, it is huge! Besides, it includes two elbow pad, which is attached to the padded handle. It provides excellent balance over the entire body when you are using it. At the bottom, the padded base provides enough support on the floor.

The significant feature of this machine is that it has a plate-loading resistance system. You can load weight according to your workout routines need. These parts add a superior dimension to your regular workouts.

Indeed, it is the sturdiest and best ab machine for home available today. People of all ages and fitness types can accommodate the device. You can get attracting six-packs at a compatible price. Give it a try!

4.Ab Coaster Max

Review: The ab coaster max offers an excellent ab workout that is so much easier on the back and neck that the traditional sit ups and crunch.

The machine works lower mid and upper abs on the way up and the way down, for max muscle activation. The seat turns, allowing you to target oblique’s as well, so no core muscles are left out.

Scientifically proven to engage ab muscles as much or greater than the traditional crunch.
Exercise in a comfortable upright position, suitable for people of all abilities. No more floor work!
Includes ab cardio workout DVD, meal plan, and guide.
Accommodates riders up to 300 lbs.
Cushions could be more comfortable.

5.Ab Coaster

It would be amazing wouldn’t it, if you could really spend just a few minutes a day on the Ab Coaster abs machine to get a tight, toned and sexy waistline by the summer.

I remember back a few years ago when I first had the opportunity to test one out. This was when it was new and just as it was hitting the market. I believe that was in 2007 or 2008.

At the time, I was working with a fitness company that distributed treadmills and elliptical equipment.

They were a growing business so naturally, they wanted to expand their offering of different kinds of home exercise equipment.

A sales rep brought in the PS500 model for the company I worked for to check it out. The owner was eager to check it out in order to decide if he wanted to add this new-fangled workout machine to the list of products his company offered.

One thing I can say, we all were very impressed by the exceptional build quality of this machine.

6.AB Doer 360 Ab Workout Exercise Machine

Don’t be late to order this product as the company offers:

a quick start guide
to lose your additional weight, a Nutrition Guidebook with delicious recipes also given as the gift
a motivational Workout Calendar, so that you can track your progress
Last but not least, an instructional DVD with total workouts that you can do seated in the comfort machine of your home.
ab workout exercise machine
The gym accessories manufacturer Ab Doer successfully achieves great popularity and fame within a very short period of time. So, for those who want to improve their abs, this brand brings AB Doer 360 Transform Your Entire Body with Abdobics Ab Workout and Exercise Machine for them. It is really an amazing and unique machine with a handful of exclusive features. You can have a look at them below.

Key features of Ab Doer 360 ab equipment:

• It will be very effective for weight loss exercise because of its design and function.
• The design decreases the possibility of being injured.
• For people of almost all ages, size and weight, it is suitable.
• You can perform a good number of exercises using this machine.
• It is not much heavier and so you can move it very easily.

f you are too busy that you can not get enough time to go to the gym, then this ab machine is the best thing for your home. The AB Doer 360 features brand new dual foam roller system that enables amazing comforts of your back muscles. On the other hand, this fitness machine came with DVD and nutrition guidebook.

7.Ab Machine Exercise Equipment by Fitnessery

This excellent piece of ab workout equipment is the perfect choice for at-home workouts. Using the free ebook included with the product, you’ll discover a wide range of exercises that can be performed with this roller wheel. This particular wheel makes it easy to target all areas of your abs, including the obliques. Made by Fintessery, it’s a quality, sturdy product you can count on to withstand heavy use.


Includes wheel and knee pad for working out
Features 2 ebooks on nutrition and ab machine workouts
Simple, easy to use ab machine
Withstands up to 485 lbs.
Who Makes It?

Fitnessery is a fitness and exercise equipment company that offers everything from knee sleeves to ankle weights, resistance bands and more. They achieve excellent ratings thanks to their high quality, effective products. You can also find their products at Walmart.

This ab machine is a great choice for use at home. Customers report that the ab machine is high quality, effective, and easy to use. It’s hard to pass up this deal. For those who favor the roller type machine, this is a great choice.


Ab Rocket offers a revolutionary way to work on your entire abs and even on your sides. The Ab Rocket abdominal trainer is a real piece of gym equipment which effectively works on your abs, back, and neck.

The unique design comes with steel frame construction, which is durable enough. On the back of the machine, it has rolling cushions that provide a gentle massage while exercising.

It features a back and head apparatus that support your back and neck portion. The design comes with three resistance levels to provide an efficient workout to beginners and experts.

You can get an efficient result by spending only 5 minutes per day on the machine. The machine includes a padded handle and seat for more support. You can either push yourself back with handle support or with the help of your feet.

Moreover, its simplistic construct provides even pressure on your head, neck, back, and lower abs. The machine is an excellent choice for the user with limited space. Also, it is so lightweight that you can quickly move it around. Surprisingly, the price is reasonable. So give it a try.

9. Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

The Ab Rocket Twister provides an effective workout, particularly to the sides of the waist. However, it does not allow for custom use, meaning that some people simply may not fit the unit.

With no back pain and no personal trainer, you can quickly get your dream abs. The Ab Rocket twister trainer allows you to rock your way to get the structured abdominals.

This unique design adds dimension to the existing crunching motion. It comes with a steel frame structure that provides excellent stability. This abdominal chair precise work on your abs and obliques.

At the backrest, it included a padded massage roller, which provides a gentle massage on the back. The rollers are ideally placed to give you maximum comfort. It’s swivel seat twists and turns when you move.

Besides, the seat is so comfortable that you can get optimum comfort while exercising. It features three resistance levels for people of all fitness levels. Its adjustable head support allows you to strengthen your core.

Overall, Ab rocket twister will provide you the result that you’ve always wanted. You can get a more accessible result by spending only five minutes each day. Also, the price is within your budget.

The Ab Rocket Twister has the appearance of an upmarket padded chair. The chair swivels and twists to allow you to work your core through a range of movements. The backrest features padded massage rollers that move with your body. There are handle grips at the sides for support.

The Ab Rocket Twister provides you with three levels of resistance, which are color coded for your convenience.

The movements that you can do on this machine are simply rocking and twisting.

Value for money
The Ab Rocket Twister can be purchased for under $80. With your purchase comes a workout DVD.

Build quality
The Ab Rocket Twister is made from lightweight, durable materials. It is easy to put together.


AbXcore brings an entirely different abs machine with guaranteed muscle activation. The AbXcore Ab machine helps you burn belly fat and improve overall endurance.

The best about this abs machine is its compact design and portability. You can carry the machine with ease along with you wherever you go. Also, this versatile machine allows you to use both in sitting and lying positions.

It is made out of high quality, durable, and sturdy material, which will indeed last for long. Over the steel frame, it has comfortable soft cushion contact pads, which delivers comfort and ease of motion.

Besides, it takes too much effort to perform any regular workout like crunches, sit-ups, and so on. The machine comes with a removable arm for allowing effective oblique isolation.

You can adjust according to your height, which means it is fit for all body types. It has a phone cradle that allows you to do the workout with a training video on your smartphone.

Moreover, the machine uses resistance spring technology to add resistance for all fitness levels. Indeed, it’s a must-have Ab machine to meet all forms of comfort. The price is also affordable.

11.AbXcore Home Gym Ab Exercise Machine

Let’s meet another versatile abs machine, Goplus Abdominal Twister Trainer Height Adjustable Incline Workout Equipment Ab Rocket Exerciser. It is with multinational capabilities, so you don’t need to worry about your midsection much, this equipment is more than enough to make a more appealing than ever. Also, it includes lots of useful features, you can check them below.

AbXcore Machine Features:

• Portable and easy to carry and so, good to use anywhere.
• You can do a good number of effective exercise using this thing.
• Affordable and available.
• Is a good alternative of any kind of ab wheel, ab roller or any big abdominal machines.
• The manufacturer claims that it is “1000% more effective than the AB Roller and 300% more effective than the traditional crunch”.

This product weight is only 4 pounds so you can use it at home, office or travelling around the world. Moreover, the machine has multiple resistance spring weight options and you can easily adjust width and height. If you want to burn fat as quickly as possible and want to exercise anywhere then you should try this best ab machine.

12.Ancheer AB Trainer

If you have performed crunches before, you might be well aware of the strain it can cause on your back and neck. The Ancheer AB Trainer is a machine that can help you with performing crunches, without the neck pains and strain on your back. It is quite easy to use and requires no additional equipment or gear to use. The build quality of the machine is quite strong as it is made of a very sturdy alloy which will not bend or get damaged very easily.

If you find regular crunches too easy, then there is the option of adding weights as well to improve the resistance for a more effective workout. Although it is mainly used as an ab workout machine, you can also flip it over to perform a full body workout. The only real drawback with the machine is that it costs almost $40, so you do have the option of getting an ab roller workout machine, which is only a fraction of the cost.

13.Ball Black — Mountain Products Static Strength Stability Ball

Also called stability balls or Swiss balls, exercise balls are great for targeting the abs, like doing crunches. You will find that more muscles are activated because your core needs to work extra hard to keep your stability, balance and posture.

The Black Mountain exercise ball is a professional-grade ball that is rated for up to an astonishing 2,000 pounds! The ball is very reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. You’ll even get a foot pump to inflate it, along with a starter guide. You have four options for a color and five size options to choose from, ranging from 45 to 85 cm. Plus, you’ll get a lifetime warranty.

14.Bar — Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower

The power tower is a great machine to add to your home gym, as it is a multifunctional powerhouse that allows you to target your abs while working other muscles throughout your body simultaneously.

The vertical knee raise station targets your leg muscles, the lat/pull-up bar allows for you to build strong chest muscles and tone your arms, the dip station targets your triceps and increases upper body strength, and the d-frame base enhances stability.

There are various ways using the machine can help you target your abs and obliques, especially the hanging leg and knee raises.

While you can simply purchase a doorway or mounted pull up bar for a beneficial ab workout, towers allow you to do several other types of bodyweight exercises, which makes them superior for anyone looking to conquer it all.

15.Bench — XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

This is the type of machine perfect for someone who is looking for a no-frills no-fuss ab toner. The XMark Fitness bench doesn’t have a bunch of moving parts or details to consider, yet it offers optimal comfort and superior sturdiness, is fully adjustable and is extremely effective.

The bench is made from 14-gauge 2"x 3" steel and is strong enough to handle 400 pounds. Meanwhile, the oversized four-inch leg rollers are ergonomically positioned. This allows you to chisel your abs while avoiding back strain.

You have the option to change the angle of your ab workout thanks to the twelve different vertical height adjustments. If you’ve chosen an extreme 45-degree angle, take advantage of the support handle, which allows you to easily hop on and off the bench.

16.Body By Jake Ab Scissor Machine The 4-Minute Powerhouse

If you are looking for a quick, convenient, and effective ab workout machine, Body By Jake has the product for you. This ab machine is designed to help you target both the upper and lower abs while keeping your form perfect. It is able to give you 5 different difficulty levels and 4 different ab exercises. With these options, you can chisel out those ab muscles easier than ever before. The makers of this machine say that in 4 minutes you can perform all of the workouts you need. Previous customers all say it gives a challenging yet rewarding ab routine. Their patented Gravitational Linkage feature is designed to keep your body in perfect anatomical position so you can effortlessly isolate the abs.

4 different ab workouts
5 levels of resistance
Adjustable rotating seat
Quick and easy to assemble
Durable and slide-resistant construction for stable workouts

Who Makes It?
Body By Jake is one of the original fitness brands that originated in the early 1990s for their line of exercise videos and fitness equipment. The brand is championed by actor and fitness mogul

Jake Steinfeld, who also is the founder of major league lacrosse. Body By Jake has been in the industry for over 25 years and their products are known for their ease of use and durable construction. The brand is known for their fun yet challenging workouts that have kept customers coming back for more and raving about the fun and results they have achieved from their exercise videos and products.

The Bottom Line
The Body By Jake ab machine is one of the best machines on the market for exercising your abs. It is easy to set up, affordable, and can get you a full ab burn in just four minutes. You can target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques easily and comfortably with this well-made machine. The upholstery is durable and comfortable and the workouts feel smooth and satisfying. Of all of the ba machines you can pick on this list, the Body By Jake ab machine is one of the most sensible and convenient ways to add a great ab machine to your home gym.

17.Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench

Highly versatile, this weight bench features 7 adjustable backrest positions and multiple incline and decline positions for all body workouts. It comes with a dual-action leg developer which is adjustable for leg curling or extension. Furthermore, this weight bench features built in no-pinch design safety hooks that prevent injuries to the hands. It also comes with multiple accessories including a spring clip, preacher curl pad, Olympic plate adapter, Ab crunch and arm curl bar. Moreover, it is compatible with most 7’ and 6’ weight set bars.

18.Body Solid GCABSTK Pro Select Ab and Back Machine

Get a killer looking body with this ab machine. It is a machine that is specifically for your back. It has over 210lb of weights. And it is very effective in burning fats and building muscles. This is one of the most popular ab machine gym equipment.

19.Core Gamer Trainer Personal by Stealth

Do you get bored while working out on traditional ab machines? If you’re looking for an engaging ab workout machine that will keep your brain distracted while exercising, the Core Gamer Trainer is what you need. You’ll use an app on your phone which connects with the board to workout. Then, you’ll have to move and manipulate the board to play the game, all the while working all of the muscles in the abdominal and core group. The base position is the plank, but you can perform variations including mountain climbers that will challenge you as you advance in your fitness level and work towards that six pack.


Withstands users of up to 250 lbs
Includes 2 mobile games to make working out fun
Who Makes It?

The company, Stealth Fitness, currently only makes one product: the Stealth core trainer. It’s the world’s first interactive core trainer that uses Gameplay Technology. The product’s been featured by an impressive number of media outlets, such as the Today show, Women’s Health magazine, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, GQ, and more, highlighting its ingenuity and popularity.

The Bottom Line

If you have a larger home gym budget and you’d like to boost your motivation while working out on your core, the Stealth Core Gamer Trainer is a great investment to make. You’ll never get bored when using this ab machine that makes working out fun and entertaining. Based on its great ratings and innovative technology, you can purchase this product with confidence.


Another revolutionary new system to strengthen your core. The design method is quite similar to the previous one, but the Core Max ab machine comes with a compact and simple design.

The main attraction of this ab machine is its amazing fast track technology. It has a hidden power-assisted spring which let you perform in both direction.one single device provides double workout in less time.

Moreover, it includes three resistance levels to fit all user levels. The resistance levels are easy to adjust. You can effectively target those inner thighs and perform push-ups while working on your core.

The design is so compact and lightweight that you can easily carry and store the machine. You can even store it under the couch or in any compact space by just folding the arm flats.

Indeed, it’s an excellent buy within affordable prices. The best part is that you can perform the cardio exercise while sitting down. Isn’t it great? We think so. So, check the store before the stock is empty.

21.Daiwa Felicity Compact Core Trainer

Review: The Rodeo core is a compact home gym ab machine that uses a gentle rocking motion, designed to simulate riding a horse, to work the ab muscles.

It is small enough to fit in your home gym and light enough to move around the house if needed. It exercises the abs, glutes and back muscles all with one smooth rocking motion.

Plus it’s so fun to ride, it won’t feel like exercise at all. One of the best gym machines for abs you can get.

Really easy to put together and use.
Quiet enough to use while watching TV.
Fun, novel & gentle way to work lower body muscles, including abs, butt, calves & thighs.
No way to increase tension or difficulty.

22.Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Roller

This is the cheapest ab roller to feature on our list so far as it costs only about $13. Though it is cheap, it is still quite effective in giving you a good workout. Although it primarily targets your abdominal muscles, it also targets your arms, shoulders and chest as secondary muscles, thereby giving you a full body workout. The machine features two wheels which will not wobble unlike some of the other low quality machines out there. The design is also quite compact so it makes it easy to carry it around wherever you go. There are also comfortable handles on the sides, with rubber grips so that you can maintain stability with the machine. There are plenty of instruction videos that comes with the ab roller to help you get the maximum out of your machine. Furthermore, you will also get a lifetime replacement warranty with the product along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

23.Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout AbdominalHyper Back Extension Bench

With a body weight capacity of up to 650 lbs. this workout bench is ideal for anybody of 5′ to 6’4 inch tall to do multiple workouts for a toned body and abs. It features 3 decline and 1 flat adjustments with 15 thigh support cushion height adjustments. Additionally, this bench has a moisture and sweat resistant dip handle and push up bars which allow for maximum handling comfort while exercising. This bench is also tapered with a thick foam for added workout comfort.

24.GOPLUS Ab Fitness Crunch

Despite looking very small, this ab machine is actually very sturdy and durable. This ab machine has a durable steel and that makes it very sturdy. On top of the steel, it has a soft foam padding which makes it very comfortable to use. Moreover, this ab machine can also get rid of neck and strain. Since this ab machine is very small and compact, it is very easy to bring around. This ab machine is perfect for your house since it does not take up a lot of space and very easy to store. Furthermore, this ab machine allows you to work on your core and your whole body easily.

25.Goplus Ab Power Abdominal Trainer

One of the most advanced ab machines available out of all our ratings! Check out our research report and you’ll find that this abdominal trainer features a myriad of options and settings compared to other tested products.
With the Goplus Ab Trainer, you can choose between four resistance levels and gradually increase the intensity of your workout sessions for effective fat loss. You can also wear ankle weights for an extra dynamic workout! A digital console shows the calories burned, time, and moves per minute during your exercise. This is great for ensuring you stay focused during your workout by providing the option to set goals. In addition, the handlebars have sensors which monitor heart rate.

Another cool feature is a removable pin, which allows the glider to swivel, targeting the obliques (the side muscles, or “love handles”).

The Goplus Ab Trainer is easy to assemble, slender and compact for quick storage, and is designed to work arms, legs, glutes, and torso with its reverse crunch motion.
Ideal for men and women, the machine has a maximum capacity of 250 lbs.

Easily one of our favorites! Just five minutes each day on this ab machine is all you need! Kick your everyday workout routine up a notch with the unique glide/reverse crunch motion of this abdominal machine and see a strong ab, butt, and thigh form in no time! Perfect for all sexes, this exercise machine is easy to store and can be assembled without professional help.

Ab Glider, plank/upright

Materials: iron, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, foam, and nylon
Maximum height: 38″x22″x34″
Minimum height: 58″x22″x14″
Foam width: 6”

Assembly is minimal, and the Goplus Ab Trainer is sturdy. Roller mechanism is smooth and comfortable. Slender enough to fit under your bed or to prop against a wall behind your door, the Goplus Ab Trainer is highly portable and requires little space! Some users reported handlebars could be stronger and better attached.

Goplus Ab Trainer offers not only a killer ab workout, it also targets the upper body, including arms, chest, shoulders, and glutes! With four levels of resistance based on the machine’s incline angle, the Goplus Ab Trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available. Featuring a computerized monitor, you can keep track of time, calories, and how many reps you do. This fantastic feature encourages you in setting and attaining your personal fitness goals!

Comfort Features:
Roller mechanism on this piece of equipment is smooth and comfortable to use. The machine is stable and easy to get on and off. Gliding movement keeps stress off back and tailbone, unlike other abdominal exercises.

Advanced Features:
Multiple resistance levels, digital console to track performance, and removable pin to swivel roller mechanism make this one amazing machine!

26.Goplus Ab Rocket Crunch Twist Trainer

Goplus trainer key features are:

• First of all, it is very well built with heavy-duty steel along with top-notch stainless color coating and durable than many of its competitor.
• Provides Height adjustable multi-functionality and can be adjusted to 3 levels for your different workout variations.
• You should know that it is very compact and easy to use, it is ideal for both gym and home use environment.
• Provides very soft cushion materials and very high-quality soft foam is used is the grips and coverage area for a comforting workout session.
• Equipped with very responsive customer support and convenient warranty policy.

This equipment is ideal for both home and gym. This nicely designed sturdy ab equipment will enhance the beauty of your home gym. The comfortable PU cushion and seat will provide great workout time. Furthermore, this trainer is compact and foldable so you can give it a try.

27.GoPlus Abdominal Trainer The Total Ab Coaster

The GoPlus ab trainer is a unique option on the list because it is very low priced but provides one of the toughest and most satisfying workouts you will find in similar products. Rather than use a pulling motion that makes it difficult to isolate the abdominals, this machine centers ts main ab workout around straightening and crunching the legs on the coaster to get a deep burn that is able to hit the lower abs much more effectively than most workout products like it. The workout options you can perform on this machine are endless. You can hit arms by doing push-ups with your legs on the coaster, glutes by doing hip thrusts — the possibilities only end where your creativity does.

Heavy duty iron construction
220lb weight limit
LCD display
Easily folded and stored
Multi-purpose use
Adjustable resistance and height levels

Who Makes It?
Goplus is a California based company that makes a variety of fitness products including treadmills, dip bars, and more. When looking at all of the products that they sell, you can see that they all have one thing in common — great customer reviews. The products are regularly described as well made, durable, and fun to use. While the company itself is not described as a fitness company, the quality of their products does not suffer because of this. They always make sure to source the best manufacturers and equipment to bring fitness enthusiasts quality products at an affordable price.

The Bottom Line
The GoPLus abdominal trainer is a great pick for those of you who want to isolate the lower abs. By incorporating this workout along with the many other creative workout options, you can hit all of the abdominal muscles you need to while also getting a full body workout in the process. Durable, seamless to operate, and easily stored away, this is the most affordable and convenient ab machine in our list.

28.Homgrace Sit up Bench Professional Adjustable Decline Crunch Ab Abdominal Board

With heavy-duty steel construction to ensure maximum workout safety, this bench is ideal for use in commercial, institutional as well as home use. It features a multifunctional abs and legs work out, push up and back sit ups. Moreover, its thick and wide design makes it highly efficient and comfortable for working out. With a freestanding decline, this bench also offers a variety of core workouts.

29.Ideer LIFE abdominal workout machine

You can give a try on Ideer Life’s Abdominal Workout Machine. According to user’s reviews, it is one of the best ab machines for a home gym. This amazing ab machine is very easy to carry and so, for your home gym, it will be the perfect match. Moreover, it will let involve with a number of useful and effective exercise to make your packs. To be more specific, you can have a look over its features.

Reasons to buy Ideer Life trainer:

• Includes 4 resistant levels for your comfort.
• Good to use for burning fat, reducing cellulite and building up a good body shape.
• Includes flexible power assisted spring along with the protective end caps.
• Capable of holding up to 330 lbs.
• The resistant levels are inclusive of 180-degree adjustable backrest.
• Made of heavy-duty steel frame and so it is durable enough to surprise you.
• The seat is comfortable as it includes a cushion covered with foam.

30.Ideer Life Core Trainer Innovative and Affordable

Who says ab machines can’t give you a great full body workout?

Ideer life has engineered one of the more diverse and creative products. It is capable of multiple workout modes that can isolate the abs like no other while also being able to work the legs, chest, inner thighs, and back. The machine is in a league of its own because of the dual spring mechanism. Using this, it provides resistance in both directions when performing crunches. It is also highly adjustable and can fit users of all heights and sizes while staying sturdy and grounded during every rep. There are a variety of different workouts you can perform in its many workout modes that include push-ups, leg presses, and even leg crunches — helping to make this one of the most hyper-effective and innovative ab machines on this list.

Multiple exercise modes
180-degree adjustable backrest
330 lb weight limit
Easy assembly
LCD display
Heavy-duty steel frame design
Who Makes It

iDeer is a very forward-thinking and customer-centric company that is focused on providing the highest quality modern workout gear. This is very evident in their unique products that are affordable, convenient, and will always surprise you how versatile they really are. The company is known for providing fitness enthusiasts with new and innovative workout equipment. As an iDeer customer, you can be sure the machine will always be smooth and comfortable to use. iDeer always has their customers best interests at heart and their products are perfect for those who are constructing their dream home gym.

The Bottom Line
The iDeer ab exercise machine is one of the most innovative and fun to use products found in our list. It is very versatile and can help you hit all of your muscle groups with a quick adjustment. You can easily hit the upper, mid, and lower abs with all of these workout options. In addition, you can also fit in glute, chest, and a variety of other muscle groups at your discretion. This machine was built specifically for the home gym and its quality and versatility really shine through in its adjustable seat and various workout modes. Be sure to check out the included guide that comes with the machine to take advantage of the many workouts you can perform on this awesome ab machine.

Overall, iDeer has one of our favorite machines on the list because of its durability, a wide array of workouts, and sleek look and feel.

31.IDEER LIFE Core&Abdominal

Get a whole body exercise with this ab machine that has multiple exercise mode. Why you should you own this machine? The answer is because whether you want to work your legs, arms or butt this ab machine got it all. This ab machine is basically for your whole body. Isn’t it amazing how you can work all parts of your body at once! You can tone your abs, build your muscles and burn calories in one go. These are the reasons why you should own this ab machine. Also, this ab machine is very stable and sturdy. It is very heavy duty because it has a steel frame. Moreover, it is very comfortable to use this ab machine because it has a very high quality cushion and foam hand grips.

32.Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel

The Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel is one of the most visually pleasing ab workout machines that we have listed so far. The machine is quite cheap to purchase at costs only about $15 making this one of the cheaper products out there. The build quality of the machine is quite good, as it is made of a very durable plastic. There is also a high quality steel coil within the machine which gives good resistance to give your abs a good workout. The machine is quite effective in hitting all your ab muscle groups so that you can get those six pack abs. There is a rubber grip on the sides which are ergonomically designed so that you can comfortably grip it without tiring your hands. The machine is suitable for use no matter what your fitness result is, and you will be guaranteed with proper results.

33.JUFIT Sit Up Bench Adjustable Workout Ab Abdominal Exercise Bench Board BLACK

This workout bench features adjustable sit up and decline workout levels and can accommodate users up to a maximum of 350 lbs. of body weight. It features a heavy-duty steel frame construction, an adjustable thigh support and pivoting foam rollers to keep legs locked in position during workouts. Furthermore, this workout bench features a back cushion which provides spine support for more efficient workouts.

34.Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench

Suitable for any workout routine, this workout bench features a secure saw-tooth adjustable back pad that can decline, incline or lie flat for a variety or workouts. It also has a dual position leg developer that lets you work out your lower limbs as well. Moreover, this bench features high density foam padding which is comfortable to exercise on. It is easy to transport with its convenient wheels and handles and its steel frame construction makes it sturdy to accommodate up to 300 lbs. of body weight.

35.Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Utility Bench

Thanks to Stuffoholics’ in-depth research, we found a versatile ab machine that isn’t just for your abdominals but is ideal for an intense whole body workout. The Marcy Multi-purpose Adjustable Bench is one excellent fitness machine that combines numerous features into one product. It allows you to execute different fitness practices that assist in toning and strengthening your primary muscles. It comes with a back pad that can be adjusted, which lets you use around four bench positions specifically targeting the abdomen.
With a durable framework, this weight bench comes with padded ankle as well as knee foam rollers. Made from top-grade materials, it’s guaranteed to endure a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Although this product has the capability of multipurpose usage, it falls within a very affordable price range.

Enjoy the satisfaction of working out your entire body and your core muscles from your own residence using the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench! Added features include an adjustable pop-pin slide track made of chrome and a strong exterior that has been finished by powder-coating. The bench can be used on its own, but it also adapts to fit other fitness equipment such as Smith machines.

A moderate price point, easy assembly, and versatility allow for a total gym experience in your home!

Sit-Up/Crunch/Utility Bench

Materials: Vinyl, Foam, Steel
Dimensions: 56.7 x 26 x 43.7 inches; 39 pounds

The bench is constructed with a durable frame made of steel, with upholstery that has been boxed at high densities. These provide support to the body. It also comes with a back pad that can be adjusted to your convenience, which offers all the options of presses, including flat, decline, incline, and more.

The sturdy design makes the Marcy Multipurpose Bench easy to store with its foldable components. Ideal for free weights, it is a necessity among the overall best ab machines for home. Having toned abs, legs, chest, arms and having an overall built upper body can all be achieved with this single piece for the home gym.

Comfort Features:
Deluxe boxed upholstery and sturdy, comfortable padding. Padded rollers provide a comfortable perch to support proper leg form during exercise.

Advanced Features:
The bench adjusts easily to several positions, including various inclines/declines and flat. High-density padding on the seat. Four thick thigh and ankle roller pads for providing stability to the leg as well as upper body muscle isolation. Foldable for easy storage (pull the pin at the foot end and it collapses to a height of eleven inches!)

36.Maximiza Ab Wheel

Garren Fitness Maximiza Ab Wheel — This Abs Wheel Comes with a Knee…
This is another Ab Wheel workout machine that we have reviewed to be one of the best. This machine is quite cheap as it costs much less than the Perfect Fitness Pro machine. The machine is quite effective in targeting your core muscles and abdominal muscles. Apart from this, it also hits your arms and back as secondary target muscle groups. The construction of the machine is quite portable as it is quite compact to allow for portability. It is manufactured from lightweight, yet durably materials so that you can carry it around easily. The knee pad of the workout machine is made of a soft material so that you can comfortably rest your knees on the machine. The machine uses two wheels and they are firmly attached to the base so that it does not wobble. There are foam handles on the machine which ensure that you get a proper grip while you are working out.

37.Nexttechnology Adjustable Decline AB Bench

Meet another incredible ab machine, Next technology Sit Up Bench. It is really a great option for you because it includes a handful of amazing features and exclusive functions. The bench is good to provide comfortable cushion sits and lots of angles to use for a variety of exercises. Also, this outstanding ab machine is very affordable and you will get it very easily wherever you are living in. However, let’s see what more it will provide.

Important Features:

• Will provide a complete gym experience at your home.
• Easy to use and carry.
• Made of heavy-duty steel tube frame and so, it is much durable to make you impressed.
• Also, the tubes are made with heavy duty thick steel.
• The design reduces the risk of injury.
• comfortable sit with foam cover is included.

If you want a long lasting ab machine then you can try this. This gym product comes with exclusive features. This multifunctional ab machine is perfect for commercial as well as home use. It won’t be a bad decision if you buy this machine.


One of the simple and affordable options on the list is the Perfect Fitness. It provides the most convenient way to target your upper body and core.

This unique design is equipped with heavy-duty steel material, which has a weight capacity of 300lb. Its patented shape makes it easier to perform a range of exercises.

You can do core crunches and at a time, push-ups as well. It is designed with simplicity in mind that contains no moving parts or pieces. It makes the machine more comfortable and safe to use.

It comes with a solid base that allows you to push your limit. You can convert it from push up to dip within a few seconds by just flipping the tool. Beginners can start with ease, and experts can also use it effectively.

Moreover, the design includes mesh canopy cradles to provide head and neck support. At the corners, it has a red-colored grip for performing crunches with ease. Indeed, it is worth buying this tool, as the price is extremely reasonable.

39.Readaeer® Abdominal Exercise Roller

This is another one of the cheaper ab workout machines that we found, but it is still of very good quality. Rollers are quite popular when it comes to ab workout machines, and the Readaeer® Abdominal Exercise Roller is one of the best of its kind. The machine has a very sturdy build and is quite compact in size allowing you to take it with you on your travels. The wheels are quite thick when compared to other ab roller machines, and it uses two wheels which are reasonably well spaced out. The machine is quite easy to use as you just have to follow a forward and backward movement just like any other ab roller machine. The wheels are firmly attached onto the machine so it will not wobble when you use it. There are comfortable grips on the machine which lets you get a comfortable grip while you use the machine.

40.Rep Adjustable Bench — AB-3000 FID

This is an adjustable heavy duty bench with a load capacity of 1000 lbs. It is therefore ideal for use with dumbbells smith machine, power rack or cage for a variety of exercises to work your abs. Moreover, this bench features 7 ladder positions with different degree inclines ranging from 85o to -20o and also features 4 adjustable seat positions. This bench also has rollers that help keep your legs locked in position when doing decline exercises. It has a vinyl cover which allows for easy cleaning.

41.RitFit Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine

This Ab workout machine by RitFit is quite different to the other machines we have listed so far. This does not feature a roller wheel, much rather it is a substitute for performing sit-ups a lot more effectively. The machine costs only about $50, which does make this the most expensive on our list so far. There are two different colors that you can choose from, the black or the blue versions. The machine is used to perform crunches and is quite easy to use, with no instructional videos necessary. It is suitable for all levels of fitness and will guarantee a very good workout for your abdominal muscles. It also eliminates any back or neck pains that you will get usually when performing regular crunches without a machine. It does offer a lot more versatility as you can perform other exercises by simply flipping the machine over.


Another new name, RitFit, comes with a convenient workout solution for the fitness enthusiast. RitFit Evolution Abdominal machine is one of the sleek yet durable design.

This easy-to-use crunch tool is equipped with durable steel material. The material is so durable that it can endure up to 220lbs. Also, it comes with high-quality and high-density EVA foam all over the tool for improved durability.

It has cushioned headrest over the steel for head and neck support. One single machine allows you to perform sit-ups, dips, push-ups, and total body workout. Besides, you can achieve effective abdominal crunches at any level.

However, its straightforward design makes the tool a perfect choice for both beginners and experts. The machine will help reduce back and neck stress that often happens with crunches.

In short, this design is simple yet effective, which helps to perform more natural motions and movements. And the best fact is you can hang it in any corner of your home gym for secure storage.

42.Rocker-Cap Barbell Unisex Adult Ab Trainer

If you want something sturdy, get this ab rocker. The easy-to-use crunch tool will sculpt your muscles with its ergonomic design that will eliminate back neck and strain that is typical of crunches.

The rocker is made of a durable steel construction, as well as a cushioned headrest for support. And for anyone who doesn’t like the confusion and fuss of a set-up, this is the machine for you, as it can be assembled in mere minutes.

43.Roller- Ab Carver Pro

The Ab Carver Pro is your best bet for a roller that’s both advanced yet simple to use. For starters, it features a kinetic engine that’s coiled carbon steel, which adds resistance to your core workouts.

The Ab Carver Pro is a popular choice in ab machines. Great quality at a reasonable price makes this one of the most coveted pieces of home gym equipment for working the abs. The Ab Carver is an excellent choice that even includes a bonus knee pad to make workouts more comfortable. The 21 day workout plan is also helpful as you adjust to using this new piece of equipment.


Comes with free 21 workout guide
Comes with foam knee pad
Allows for easy rolling left and right to target oblique muscles
Ultra-wide wheel
Who Makes It?

Perfect Fitness is a fitness and exercise equipment brand offering products you can find at stores like Walmart. They have excellent ratings, suggesting that their products are high quality and effective.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a roller type ab machine that makes it easy to target all core muscles, this is the machine for you. The wide wheel makes it easier to roll out to the left and right, targeting your obliques. In addition, it comes with instructions and a knee pad that will make getting started with this abdominal machine all the easier. The spectacular ratings and reviews make this item easy to purchase with confidence.

It is an ab wheel with a unique outline that enhances the efficiency of ab workouts and helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, chest, arms, and back. The Ab Carver Pro uses a high-quality carbon steel spring procedure that gives resistance as a person rolls out and assistance as he/she rolls back while engaging all the muscles more efficiently. It allows rolling straight out and back. the Ab Carver Pro features a wide, tough wheel that helps users involve all ab muscles, including the oblique, by moving to the left and right directions. It helps to nourish deep core muscles that engage the spine and pelvis. The Ab Carver Pro also features different types of hand grips such as padded, angled, ergonomic that improve the engagement of the arm muscles while remaining comfortable and steady. The Ab Carver Pro also includes kneepads, a 21-day workout plan which can be downloaded, and 1-year warranty.

The super-wide wheel creates stability for when you stretch out or pull back and feel a little wobbly, so you have less of a chance tweaking your back. Meanwhile, the ergonomic rubber hand grips ensure your hands don’t slide, so you won’t be tempted to let go and interrupt your routine.

The grips are also curved, so you’ll get to activate several muscle groups simultaneously, including lower, mid, upper and deep core muscles, as well as obliques, shoulders, chest and arm muscles.

The spherical design allows you to carve left, right or center, allowing you to intensely target your obliques.

The Ab Carver Pro comes with a high-density foam knee pad, downloadable 21-day workout plan, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Ab workout wheels are some of the most effective ways of working out your abs, apart from regular ab benches. The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is one of the best ab workout machines that we were able to find. The build quality of the machine is quite durable as it is constructed of a carbon steel body. The wheel on the machine is quite wide so you can get a very stable movement when you use the machine. The grips on the machine are made of rubber and prevents slip while you are working out so that you have full control. There is also a foam kneepad with which you can comfortably rest your knees. You will also get a digital workout instruction vide with the product to help you get the most of the machine. The machine is quite affordable as it costs just under $40.

44.Roman Chair — Powerline Roman Chair and Back Extension

Looking for an ab chair that comes totally intact for your home gym? The heavy-duty Powerline Roman Chair is a great option. Coming in at a whopping 42 pounds, its weighty footrests ensure there is no wobbling.

While it may seem intimidating to put a lot of pressure on your pelvic area, the two-inch space cut out in the middle of the padded seat ensures you can work out with comfort, and put your focus on toning instead. The ankle mounts are also adjustable, so if you can’t seem to find the right position, there’s a chance to make a shift until you find what’s right for you.

The combination of abs and lower back muscles makes this Roman chair a two-in-one machine. You can even flip the chair over and turn it into an ab-specific exercise.

45.Seated Spinal Twist Machine

Twisting to “engage the obliques” is a practice that has been around since the advent of ab exercises.

Ironically, the twisting motion of these moves — especially by machines such as the seated spinal twist machine –is one of the worst movements for the lumbar spine, which acts as a body stabilizer and is not designed for excessive and unnatural twisting, especially when loaded with weights.

46.SHENGMI Muscle Toner

Strengthen your whole body with this muscle toner ab machine. This ab machine is great if you have a busy lifestyle. All you need to do is stick this ab machine on and it will work its magic for you. What is the benefit of using ab machine? This ab machine is able to slim down your body and train your muscles. Moreover, it helps tone your body and abs effectively too. So if you want to get a fit body consider getting this ab machine. It is very convenient and easy to use. You only need to put these on 20 minutes a day and it is equivalent to running 2000M.

47.Sit Up Machine — Ab Coaster Max

If you’re looking to add a valuable piece of equipment to your home gym that focuses on chiseling your abs, try the Ab Coaster Max. The curved frame design allows you to work your lower, middle and upper abs, as well as sculpt your obliques.

The machine works by you kneeling on it, using the grips and your stomach muscles to pull yourself up, while the seat glides up and down the track.

Your arms and shoulders will also subsequently get a workout, as they take on part of the job. The kneepad also keeps you comfortable while allowing you to bear down to twist, which targets your obliques, maximizing your core’s flexibility, and giving stability to prevent injuries to your lower back.

The Ab Coaster Max is a high-quality machine, made from all steel — from the steel bearings to the stainless steel rails — and its gliders are made from smooth nylon for a comfortable grip.

Want to add more weight? Great! Add on 30 pounds with the optional weight plates that are included. Also included is a DVD showing recommended workout programs.

48.Stamina Pro AbHyper Bench

Let’s meet a hyper bench for your packs and it is commonly known as Stamina Pro Ab. It is another popular and one of the best ab machines for a home gym. The structure of this machine is well enough to impress you and you can easily transfer it and keep it in your home gym. Also, it includes a good number of attractive features. You can have a look at them below.

Stamina Pro Key features:

• The bench is designed with durable stitched vinyl upholstery.
• You can adjust the bench with 4 different levels.
• Made with durable Heavy-duty 2” steel frame.
• To provide your comfort and support High-density foam pads are used.
• Also Adjustable footrest, Thigh supports, and backrest is inclusive.

This is one of the best budget-friendly ab machines. This heavy-duty home gym machine is easy to store and assemble. People who sweat a lot can use this product as it has a non-slip footrest. I am pretty sure that you will love to use this ab machine and will find it very suitable for your home gym.

49.Synergee Sliders by Synergee

These core sliders are an easy, affordable and effective abdominal machine option. You can use them to perform a range of different exercises including planks, mountain climbers, and pikes, among others. These exercises engage the core naturally but increase your effort by adding a balance element. These ab machines for home are compact and can easily be transported when you travel. This way, you can workout, even on the road!


Offers instructions for several exercises
Highly portable and lightweight
Great reviews and ratings
Works on both hard and carpeted floors
Who Makes It?

Synergee manufactures and sells a range of home gym equipment. Specializing in strength and conditioning and gymnastics equipment, Synergee is known for their resistance bands, bosus and ankle and wrist weights in addition to their sliders.

The Bottom Line

Not only are Synergee’s sliders cheap and compact, but they’re also effective. As such, you can buy with confidence knowing that thousands of customers are happy with this popular product.

You can combine this simple product with other ab workout machines or simply use them to supplement a cardio workout. On their own, the sliders are actually quite versatile and allow you to perform a range of exercises that, in addition to working your abs, will target other muscle groups as well. At the low price of about $11 per set, you can’t go wrong with Synergee’s sliders.

50.SYOSIN AB & whole body exercise Machine

Reasons to buy this machine:

• It is only 11 kilograms in weight and so you can carry it very easily.
• As it is a machine for one person, it can carry up to 120 kilograms.
• You can try over 22 different exercises using this machine.
• Large adjustment range and good quality plate are used to craft this machine.
• High quality steel construction is used to provide impressive durability.

7*24 customer service is available. The product is ideal for doing sit-ups and push-up. So, if you are looking for a gym product for this criteria, just give a rethink to it. I think you will be benefitted using this machine. It is really incredible and the features are impressive too.

51.SYOSIN Abdominal Machine for Ab & Core Workouts

As we are talking about Abs machine, now I want to suggest another top-notch multi-purpose Abdominal tool, SYOSIN Abdominal Machine for Full Range of Motion Ab & Core Workouts. It is dedicated to your abs and it can be used by all, beginners and seasoned alike. It will help you do all your midsection and core workouts and make you reach your goal s step further. Let’s see what main features this machine offers.

SYOSIN AB & core equipment features:

• It is equipped with Magic BB fitness functionality and you can do more than 10 variations of workout at ease with just this machine.
• It is made with durable steel and stainless coating, so rest assured about quality.
• Provides convenience and it is very to carry anywhere, so you can do your core workout anytime anywhere.
• Includes 3 level adjustments for multi-level workout variation.
• It is built for comforting workout sessions, also for durability ABS plastic is used in covers.

You can achieve sexy abs for exercising 8 minutes daily using this equipment. You can customize your workout with 3 resistance level. The machine is very easy to use and ideal for home and gym use. So if you are hurry to make gorgeous abs, try this machine.

52.SYOSIN Foldable Ab Exercise Machine

Review: This ab gym offers 22 different ab exercises to cut every muscle in your midsection. This sturdy piece of home gym equipment is made using steel tube and carbon steel supports yet is light enough to move around the house at just under 24 lbs total weight.

This machine assists you during sit-ups to make sure you are working the right muscles and not causing damage to your neck and back like you might doing sit-ups from the floor.

Wonder blaster extends 280 degrees, much more than the competition.
Includes workout DVD, user manual and exercise chart to get the most from this ab machine.
Rotating seat offers even more variety and a unique, effective way to work lower abs and oblique’s.
220 lb user weight limit.

53.Total Gym Fitness Dynamic Plank Core & Abdominal Trainer Blast Workout Machine

With improved balance and stability, this workout bench will help you tone and strengthen your muscles. It is designed to enable for proper execution of pikes, planks and ab crunches. Moreover, this bench is designed to allow you perform a wide range of workouts; progressively from beginner to expert and is therefore ideal for anyone looking to exercise. It also has a compact design and folds up for easy storage.


The machine is equipped with durable steel construction. It is so sturdy that it can endure weight up to 300lbs. It is designed in a way that is perfect for both beginners and experts.

Moreover, this unique design comes with a freestyle seat that targets your entire core. Its natural arc motion effectively creates a constant core concentration. The seat runs over a curved steel frame.

You can keep your elbow on an extended elbow pad while holding a padded handle. It helps you to maintain a proper body balance while exercising. The machine also includes a floor protector, which provides better stability.

In short, every rep on the Ab coaster works on your lower, middle, and upper abs. You can fold the fitness machine for secure storage. Also, you can work on your side obliques by twisting the seat. It comes at an affordable price.

On more Ab Coaster collection with a digital workout center. The Ab Coaster PS500 is an award-winning abs workout machine. Ab coaster is serving for almost ten years to change the world from the core!

The design includes a heavy-duty steel-frame construction with rails which assures maximum durability. It includes freestyle motion seats that are made with vinyl-covered molded foam.

However, you can turn the seat to the side to get toned muscle on your side. Unlike others, it has an expandable training range with the seat. You can add weights there to intensify your workout.

It also includes casters to make it easy to move or store the ab coaster. One more unique about this machine is its digital workout counter. It automatically tracks your repetitions during your workouts.

Furthermore, it includes an elbow pad and a handle grip to provide you a better balance. The sleek design will easily adjust to your compact space. Also, assembly and disassembly are much more comfortable.

55.Tristar Products IncAbdominal Machine

You can also give a try on another best ab machines for home gym presented by Tristar Products Inc. It is the Ab Coaster Max. It is really a great choice for you if you are really willing to have an ab machine in your home gym. This stunning machine is also full of incredible features. If you are interested in it, you can have a look at its features below.

Some key features of this product:

• The exercises, this stunning machine will help you to do is easy and effective.
• Will let you do a variety of outstanding exercises.
• For the beginners and the long-time fitness enthusiasts, it is the best option.
• It will help you to get a lean and packs.
• It is a space-saving machine which is not much heavier.

Another best ab machine for a beginner as it is very easy to use and no experience required. The smooth Ab Coaster’s bottom-up motion and natural arc create a perfect core contraction. This trainer works for your lower, middle, and upper abs from the bottom-up. If you are a beginner you should try this product.

56.Unisex Adult Ab Trainer by CAP Barbell

What’s the best sit up machine available online? The Unisex Adult Ab Trainer is one of the most popular choices in ab crunch machine products. Featuring great ratings, this ab crunch machine gives you the support you need when doing this popular abdominal exercise.


Cushioned headrest
Eliminate straining of the back and neck when doing crunches and sit ups
Who Makes It?

CAP Barbell is known for their home and professional gym equipment and supplies. In addition to their own brands, CAP also distributes for distinguished brands like Reebok and Adidas. The impressive company has several distribution centers across the USA and has achieved an excellent reputation.

The Bottom Line

If your heart’s set on crunches and sit ups as your preferred abdominal workout exercises, this piece of equipment will be a godsend. Having the extra support of an ab crunch machine is a wonderful way to protect your back and neck while still strengthening your core. The low cost and solid ratings for this ab machine make it an easy choice for those who prefer sit ups and crunches.

56.UNOSEKS Abs Stimulator Muscle Toner

Use this ab machine 20 minutes daily to tighten and strengthen your body muscle. This ab machine can help you tone your muscle effectively. Also, this ab machine is very lightweight and it is portable. So you can take it anywhere you go. Moreover, you can use this ab machine even in your leisure time. It is great if you are lazy. You can wear it while you are watching TV under your clothes or wear it when you are exercising. Also, this device does not need a battery since it is rechargeable.

57.Valeo Ab Wheel

This Ab wheel from Valeo is another one of the cheaper ab wheels that we were able to find. The machine consists of two wheels which are attached to each other. The wheels are quite resistant to skidding, so you can be well assured that it will remain stable while you work out. There are two handles on the side which are designed ergonomically so that you get a comfortable grip while you work out. The machine is quite cheap to purchase as it is just about $16. This makes this one of the more affordable ab machines out there. Apart from just working out your back, you can also hit various other muscle groups for a complete workout. The drawback is that there are no instructional videos or booklets that come with the product unlike some of the other machines we have reviewed.

MOST EFFECTIVE CORE TRAINING WORKOUT: Strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms and back
STURDY & DURABLE: Two non-skid wheels for stability slides across any surface without wobbling or slipping for smooth…
COMFORABLE & SLIP RESISTANT GRIP: Features easy-grip handles to prevent slippage during even the most intense workout

58.Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab and Back Machine Heavy Duty and Versatile

The team at Valor fitness understand the importance of core training. For this reason, they have given a piece of equipment that helps you target not just your abs, but your core as a whole. The unique feature of this ab machine is its ability to perform more than just a full ROM crunch. They also are perfect for reverse hyperextension crunches that can be accessed at the flip of a switch. This helps you target your lower back muscles in tandem with your abs, which are most of the muscles that make up the core muscle group. With the Valor ab machine, you can add weight plates as your abs become stronger so you can continually challenge yourself and make some real progress.

Multi-functional chest pad that can be adjusted for ab and lower back exercises
Dense and comfortable foam padding
Heavy duty steel tubing construction
Padded foot supports
Rubber end caps to enhance stability and prevent floor damage
Who Makes It?
You may have heard of Valor athletics because it was founded by former Vice President of the popular Sports Authority fitness retailer. He decided he wanted to make a career change and dedicate himself to helping the everyday fitness enthusiast have access to more affordable and innovative home workout equipment. Valor states that they are committed to the home fitness enthusiast. In addition, they pride themselves on supporting the dedicated and hard-working athlete with innovative and durable equipment for both newcomers and veterans alike. The company is a true grassroots, self-made company that believes in real relationships with their customers.

The Bottom Line
The Valor Fitness is a simple ab machine that packs a punch. It has the unique ability to not just provide a great ab workout, but can also help you hit those tough to target erector spinae muscles in the lower back that help to reveal the six pack you work so hard for. The Valor Fitness ab crunch machine provides a full range of motion and a conveniently sized piece of equipment that will easily fit in any home gym. Durable, compact, and versatile, this is one of the best ab machines for your home gym.

59.Valor Fitness DE-5 Plate Loaded AbBack Machine

Do a better sit ups with this ab machine. This ab machine is able to offer more stability when you do your exercise. If you want to strengthen your back and work on your abs this ab machine is perfect. Also, this ab machine is good for improving balance and your posture. This ab machine also has a soft foam pad that provides extra comfort for you when you work out. Moreover, with such an amazing ab machine you can be certain that you work out correctly.

60.VerticalHanging Knee Raise

The hanging knee raise is another exercise that not only puts extreme stress on the hip flexors, but also doesn’t even work the full range of the abdominals.

It is only slightly more effective when the pelvis is able to tip forward to aid in lifting the legs, but most of us aren’t strong enough to do this and end up causing even more strain on their hip flexors.

61.X-Factor Sissy Squat — Push Ab Ab Dip Workout

Exercise your back, legs and arm with this cool ab machine. This ab machine will make it easier for you to do sit ups. Reason being is because it has a roller pad to maximize your sit ups game. Plus, this ab machine guarantees extra stability when you do your sit ups. Moreover, this ab machine is very durable and sturdy. It has a very heavy duty steel and it supports up to 280 lbs. Furthermore, using this ab machine will not destroy your floor. Despite looking a little bulky, this ab machine is actually very easy to store.

62.XMark 11-Gauge Roman Chair XM-7456

With multiple height adjustments, this chair uses your body weight for resistance when working out. It features thick duracraft padding and a vinyl covered ankle roller pads which remove from your body’s pressure points to allow for a seamless, full-range motion. You can perform back hyperextensions, sit-ups, tricep dips and side bends comfortable and safely for that great look you have always desired. Additionally, this chair ergonomically designed handlebars with a baked powder finish and a tear and sweat resistant vinyl cover.

63.XMark 12 Position Adjustable Sit-Up Ab Bench

Review: Work your abs and oblique’s from all angles with this Xmark sit up bench. The bench adjusts in 12 different positions to fine tune your routine to hit every angle.

The sturdy handle between your feet makes it so easy to get on and off this bench and the ankle pads are over-stuffed for comfort.

Really well built, gym quality, good for taller heavier users.
12 different angles.
Mounting and dismounting handle.
Rollers are not adjustable.
Large bench, needs ample room.

64.XMark 45 Degree Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair XM-4428

Featuring 12 adjustment levels, this chair offers a wide range or core workouts for abs and back hyperextensions. With oversized contoured rollers it is also ideal for working out tricep dip handles. Furthermore, its 14-gauge steel construction ensures maximum safety and it features a powdered coat finish which is scratch resistant. This workout chair also features a high density cushion with a double stitched tear and sweat resistant vinyl cover.

65.XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1

This workout bench features 12 height adjustments for a variety of workouts. It features ergonomically designed and positioned egg rollers that help reduce back strain. Additionally, this bench has support handles that aid while mounting and dismounting. It is constructed with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a scratch-resistant powder coat finish frame and features high-density cushions with a tear and sweat resistant vinyl cover.

66.XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1

This workout bench features 12 height adjustments for a variety of workouts. It features ergonomically designed and positioned egg rollers that help reduce back strain. Additionally, this bench has support handles that aid while mounting and dismounting. It is constructed with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a scratch-resistant powder coat finish frame and features high-density cushions with a tear and sweat resistant vinyl cover.

67.XMark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

Lastly, I want to introduce you with XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench. XMark Fitness has presented this amazing ab bench for you so that you can deal with a number of effective exercises using these machines. You can use this stunning bench from various angles. Also, it is not much bigger than you cannot keep it in your home gym. This outstanding ab machine has come with a handful of essential features. You can have a look at them below.

Xmark fitness ab bench features:

  • It is adjustable.
    • You can use it with any of its 12 height adjustments.
    • It includes supportive handles as protection.
    • The inclusive way to mount and dismount is very easy.
    • The main frame is made of 4-gauge steel. So, it is much durable.
    • It includes a 2.5-inch high-density cushion which is really extra thick.
    • It is affordable and not much heavier to carry.

68.Xtreme Power US Ab Crunch Coaster The Lower Ab Burner

Ab coasters are one of the most effective standing ab machines you will find. They are unrivaled in their ability to hit the lower abdominal muscles and get you those elusive final few packs. There are a total of 3 seat adjustment modes. With these different modes, you can hit the obliques with side leg raises for an even more complete ab workout. Ab coasters give you all of the benefits of the essential leg raise workout without the need for really strong arms. Having an ab coaster in your home gym makes it easier than ever to get one of the most effective lower ab workouts in without the need for a pull-up bar.

3 position adjustable seat
Urethane molded foam padded cushion
300lb weight capacity
Supports up to 30lbs of added weight on each side of the seat
Smooth glide rail construction for seamless reps
Who Makes It
Xtreme Power US is a nationally distributing fitness company that works with all kinds of fitness products. They specialize in providing customers with top-notch equipment at an affordable price. You can find their products at national stores such as Walmart, Costco, Sears, and more. These large scale companies all trust Xtreme Power US because of their well-built products that consumers love. When you buy an Xtreme Power product, you can be sure it will be durable and a great asset to your home gym setup.

The Bottom Line
Ab coasters are found in nearly every gym across the country because of how great they are at targeting the lower ab region. What’s better, they do this without the need for a ton of upper body strength, as typical leg raises require. The machine can be easily assembled in as little as 30 minutes. Not only that, but it is made from very durable materials. When using the Xtreme Power ab coaster, you will find that it is very sturdy and does not shake even during vigorous reps. Overall, the smooth motion, affordable price point, and durable construction make this ab coaster a great option for any home gym.

69.XtremepowerUS Abdominal Crunch

This ab machine is the one that you should definitely get. Why should you own this machine? With this ab machine, you can get an awesome looking ab with daily use. This ab machine is very easy to use and it is perfect if you are a beginner. It has a grip which gives you support when exercising. Furthermore, it is very durable and last very long. This ab machine allows your whole body to get to work. As a result, you will get a more lean and tone body with the help of this ab machine. Plus, it is able to support up to 300 lbs which is awesome.

70. Ntaifitness Ab Machine for Sale

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