We are the industry’s leading provider of gym equipment for sale.

Welcome to Shandong Ningtai Body Building Apparatus Limited Company. We specialize in the sale of both commercial and home gym equipment. Ntaifitness gym equipment for sale at the best prices Online.

We ship worldwide, offer local pickup and have delivery options available for machines and/or larger purchases, please inquire.

Visit us today and see our fitness equipment for sale and try out any of the thousands of ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes and strength we have available.

We have converted a section of our warehouse into a showroom so customers have access to all units and can try them out. We essentially have every type of exercise machine available all at commercial grade quality.

Browse through our current inventory and check back frequently, we are constantly obtaining a new inventory of Used or Pre-Owned Gym Equipment. Feel free to contact us about any used workout equipment you are interested in, whether it is currently listed or something specific you are looking for but can’t find.

Our logistics team will ensure your order is packed and handled with care and we can help you arrange all of the logistics of your bulk order.

We can help you arrange transportation of your items to your facility, from working with a carrier to delivery of a container to providing customs paperwork.

We service international buyers all over the world from China to Mexico and everywhere in between. If you are seeking to find high quality commercial grade products at super-competitive prices that you can resell in your market we are your go-to experts.

Regardless of if you would to order a single machine or product in bulk we can ensure that all logistics to handle your shipping needs are covered.

Our logistics specialists will help you secure the best price available. We will contact you to make arrangement to your location and recommend a time frame when your products should be shipped to meet your deadline.

You can count on our team to ensure all of your order is well packed and ready to be transported to your location.

Buy treadmills, elliptical crosstrainers, upright and recumbent bikes, steppers, strength machines and more all from one location.

Quality, Affordable Exercise Equipment: If you see something that you like, give us a call, text or email and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We can even inexpensively ship and or deliver your equipment to your home or gym, anywhere in the world ! With an extensive selection of gym equipment for sale, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for with us!

Customize Gym Equipment Packages: Did you ever wish you could pick the color theme of your facility and fitness machines? You can! We are experts in transforming used machines into ones that are re-manufactured in the custom colors you want, even adding your logo. We can powder coat the machine frames, paint the shrouds and replace the pads to any color you want, paint designs on the product and we can customize the upholstery with your company logo as well.

Commercial Equipment Experts: Our staff has decades of experience in the fitness industry helping Primo Fitness stand apart from the competition. We are the chosen commercial products provider to several international fitness facilities who purchase in bulk quantities at the best price.

Strength Machines Section: Items in this category such as leg press machine and cable crossover machines have been cleaned, serviced and/or refurbished. To improve lower body strength, a leg press machine is highly effective and diversifies your current squat press regimen. Check out our Cybex machines that are used for the legs and quads. We love these machines because they have small footprints and are belt-driven for a smooth, natural performance.

Ntaifitness Strength Section: Ntaifitness Strength are machines that we created, designed after some of our favorite machines of all time. You can expect full commercial grade gym quality and they can be put up against any leading commercial brand, and for only a fraction of the price. We use high guage steel, linear and pillow block bearings, high tension cables and pulleys. We also offer upgraded heavier weight stacks on our selectorized machines for the advanced lifter.

Circuits & Gym Packages Section: This section is dedicated to Strength Circuits and or full gym packages. A Strength Circuit is a group of machines that together as a whole train a number of muscle groups, often the entire body. The machines in this category are most often the same brand, same series and same color scheme. Most commercial gyms offer at least one full Strength Circuit. You can add to any of these circuits and customize your own personal full gym package. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance with customizing the right package for you.

Dumbbells Section: We carry an array of new and preowned dumbbells. Our line of dumbbells are high quality, full commercial grade and can be put up against any leading brand on the market. We offer sets of rubber hex, rubber 12 sided and iron prostyle. The appeal to dumbbells is that everyone can use them, from new moms to bodybuilders. Fitness Equipment Ntaifitness has options for all levels, ranging from rubber to powder coated iron dumbbells. Don’t forget to check out our dumbbell racks that will keep your collection neat and organized.

Benches & Squat Racks Section: If you want to pack on muscle, benches and squat racks will help you get there. Using the right workout equipment, you can perform muscle exercises safely and securely in a personal or commercial gym. Browse our assortment of power and squat racks , military chair stools , adjustable benches and Hammer Strength machines.

Olympic Weights & Bars Section: With a wide selection of Olympic weights and bars, we know you will find exactly what you’re looking for with us. We have both new and gently used plates that cost a fraction of the cost of retail and come available in the pairs of your choice.

Mats & Flooring Section: Commercial and personal workout facilities benefit from rubber gym flooring. Fitness Equipment Ntaifitness carries double-sided and single-sided flooring mats that are made from the thickest materials. All gym flooring is easy to assemble, water- and noise-resistant and capable of protecting your floor from heavy activity.

Cardio Gym Equipment for Sale: We carry all of the top leading commercial brands of cardio; Getting your heart rate up is important when exercising, but a long run on the treadmill can feel like torture — we know! Fitness Equipment Ntaifitness sells a wide range of cardio equipment that will shake up your routine, including coasters, ellipticals, spin bikes and stepmills.

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