Top 5 Personal Trainer Certification Cost You Must Know 2019

Top 5 Personal Trainer Certification Cost You Must Know

Hi, Today let’s talk about Top 5 Personal Trainer Certification Cost You Must Know 2019. There has been a notable increase in the demand for fitness training in the nation over the past few years. As more people desire to stay physically fit, or Commercial Gym Equipment Packages For Sale, the need for proper training has been a necessity for many fitness trainers. Fitness training has turned from being another hobby to a chosen career to many.

Personal Training Certifications — Which Ones are BEST and Why?

When many do it for passion and personal fulfillment, there are people who take fitness training seriously. Such are the kind of people who would require you to have a personal training certification as proof of professionalism. On a random search, you will undoubtedly find a hundred and one personal training certification programs. The real deal is in finding a competent program that will offer distinguished training, which will make you a hot cake in the fitness training job market.

I have taken a good time to analyze the top 5 personal training programs in the nation and their certification costs. Most of the personal trainer certification bodies sit around the $500 price range for the exam and the study materials. Fitness Mentors are the least Expensive at $399, and ACE ($599), NSCA ($712.80), and NASM ($699) are a full $100 to $300 more expensive. For ACE and NASM, this is likely due to the popularity of the brands, while the NSCA seems to be expensive in general for these upfront costs as well as the Retake Fee (more on that below).

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By the end of you reading this post, you will have found the right certification program that that would suit your budget. Here they are:

NASM (National Academy of sports medicine)

1) NASM (National Academy of sports medicine)

Ever since NASM was founded in 1987, it has stood out as an established science-oriented program for fitness training. It uses the Optimum Performance Training Model and integrates it with the latest scientific research based on field performance and injury deterrence in their training program.

The OPT model will give you the solid foundation you need and aims at optimizing your fitness training skills to a wide range of clientele. As required by law, NASM is compliant to the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, NCCA, which is mandated to offer accreditation of such programs.
According to past NASM reportage, there is a 95% pass rate for the training exams offered here. What’s more, is that the institution often grants an Exam Pass Guarantee and a Job Guarantee but under some given conditions. Personal trainer certification costs are always a scare to many seeking trainees, but NASM has quite friendly rates. The estimated cost for the NASM program excluding the needed study materials would be $499. You can visit the page to get full cost details.

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ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)

2) ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)

When looking for a do-it-from-home program, ISSA offers the best online platform for fitness trainees where you can take your exams and classes from home. The whole course package that you’ll get at a friendly rate of $499 has all you need to start as an accredited fitness trainer. You’ll have a complete guidebook, guide for business and marketing strategies, samples of past exams, and a free top-up of a personal, professional website without adding a single dime.

ISSA Fitness Trainer Certification Review

While ISSA is not as popular as NASM and ACE, it is a perfect fit for those that love online learning. It is also a preference when you want to cut down some cost.

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ACE (American Council on Exercise)

3) ACE (American Council on Exercise)

Out of all the fitness training program, there are in the nation, the American Council on Exercise ACE, stands as the most popular and largest fitness accreditation society in the world. It is a non-profit organization and ranks high for having graduated over 60k professional fitness trainers since 1985 when it started operating.

ACE is most preferred for three significant reasons. First, it’s the broad scope of specialization that it offers. Any field in the health and fitness world you’d wish to venture, ACE has got you covered. Whether you want to go into being a pro personal trainer, a group instructor, medical fitness expert, or a health coach, with ACE, you are guaranteed to achieve certification.

Secondly, the kind of personalized support you’ll get from ACE’s Resource center is just overwhelming. The entire certification program is full of one-on-one support where you can access counselors and tutor guides to help you through your study. The whole ACE family makes your experience worth your fees.

Lastly, ACE has attained worldwide recognition as a top-notch fitness accreditation organization. Any health and fitness company will want to hire you if you have an ACE certification attached to your resume.

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4) ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

4) ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

Of all the programs listed in this article, the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, is the oldest. It was founded in 1954 by some doctors and education enthusiasts who realized that the rate of smoking was rising on an alarming rate compared to the rate of body fitness and exercises among Americans.

An important insight for the ACSM Personal Trainer Exam and ACSM Exercise Physiologist Exam

It has attained world standards as a popular fitness trainee certification program for having certified over 45k fitness trainers in 44 countries since its inception. The training in ACSM takes an academic approach, almost like the current college courses.

However, most trainees fail the first test of ACSM exams, which they complain as being very challenging. For the lovers of education, challenging exams and demanding coursework is a favorite, but to the rest, it is a hell of a task. For those who are successful through ACSM, their career life is thriving and full of hope.

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NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

5) NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

NSCA is mostly preferred by fitness trainers seeking to work with athletes and bodybuilders. It concentrates more on strength and body conditioning, and as you can guess, that’s where the NSCA name in full came from. Out of the many programs in the fitness market, NSCA, after the ACSM, has the hardest tests. One of the factors considered for certification is that each trainee must publish a scientific journal featuring their findings.

For those looking to work for bodybuilder and athlete clients, that is people already with well-built body shape, then NSCA is your fit to try on. You will work to ensure that your clients achieve peak performance when it comes to fitness training.

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Going through the analysis done in this post, it is easy to choose the best personal training certification program that suits you. If you are ambitious enough to take on a course that is as demanding as ACSM, then you are good to go. Or if you want to study from the comfort of your house, then you only need to sign up to ISSA and achieve your dream of being a personal trainer.

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